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Epik High’s new album “Strawberry” is the group’s first global album, a fitting release as their worldwide fandom has been growing exponentially. The trio’s masterful songwriting is heightened by assists from a team of Grammy-winning musicians and, coupled with excellent collabs with global favorites Hwasa and Jackson Wang, results in an absolute audio treat for the music lovers everywhere. It is just f’ing AMAZING.

1. CD-R: 1ea
2. Booklet: 1ea

1. Strawberry
2. On My Way (Feat. 잭슨)
3. Catch (Feat. 화사)
4. Down Bad Freestyle
5. God’s Latte
6. Strawberry (Instrumental)
7. On My Way (Instrumental)
8. Catch (Instrumental)
9. Down Bad Freestyle (Instrumental)
10. God’s Latte (Instrumental)
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