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Pre-order benefits:
2 Photocards (Random 2 out of 18)
1 Random Monochrome Photo (3 Types In Total)
Flyer With Serial Number
Solo Photo (Random 1 out of 9) (First press only)

Benefits are first-come, first-served basis. Distribution of Japan benefits will end without notice as soon as the maximum number is reached.

Track list:
1 Straight Line
2 Grand Prix
3 We Fresh (Japanese ver.)
5 Up! (Japanese ver.)
5 WA DA DA (Japanese ver.)
6 MVSK (Japanese ver.)
7 Giddy (Japanese ver.)
8 Galileo (Japanese ver.)
9 Wing Wing
10 I do! Do you?
11 Sugar
12 Don't Lose Your Smile
13 WA DA DA (Japanese ver.)~IMLAY Remix~
14 Daisy
15 tOgether fOrever

Global girl group Kep1er!! Long-awaited Japan 1st Album released!! Kep1er is a nine-member global girl group that was born from a Korean audition show. Japan 1st Album is a collaboration between Kep1er and Kep1ian (as they are called by Kep1er fans) who met through the 3 singles "FLY" series released in Japan, and will continue to run towards their dreams together! There is. The album will include the previous Japanese title songs "Wing Wing," "I do! Do you?," and "Grand Prix," as well as five new songs, including the album title song "Straight Line." A total of 15 songs will be included in the regular edition, limited edition A, and solo edition.

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Please note: This is a pre-order. Your album will be shipped to you once it has arrived in the UK (estimated at least 2-3 weeks after the Japan release date). Japan release date: 8th May 2024.