Jimin (BTS) FACE Knit Ivory Cardigan | UK Kpop Album Shop Photocards

Jimin (BTS) FACE Knit Ivory

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Knit Ivory with Jimin Photocard

Acrylic 67%, Nylon 33%

Size: Fits S-M

Please Note: For undamaged items we currently do not offer refunds or returns.

1. Do not wash this product in water. 2. Never use chloride based bleaching agent. 3. Do not soak it in water for more than 10 minutes, and do not rub or wring out the clothing. 4. Dry clean only. 5. Please note that bleach, contamination, and other deterioration of the product such as contraction caused by mishandling of the product cannot be the cause for indemnity. 6. You cannot be compensated for the damaged product if you do not wash the product according to the care label. 7. The product can contract when dried with high heat or heated air due to the nature of the fabric, so please do not use mechanical drying and dry it naturally. 8. Please note that RIB on the wrists and the neck may get loose, so do not pull them excessively when wearing them. 9. The line on clothing may be misaligned after washing due to the nature of the fabric. Weverse monitor and examine products before packing, but as products are mass-produced, they cannot guarantee that all products are ideally perfect. There may be loose thread between seams. In this case, it is recommended to remove the bits of thread with scissors before wearing them. Please understand that it is a normal product without any problem wearing it. 10. There may be creases based on the material of the product. Also, creases may fold when packaging. After ironing, there is no problem wearing it. (Please do not iron on clothing's decaration and printing)

Jimin (BTS) FACE Knit Ivory Cardigan | UK Kpop Album Shop PhotocardsJimin (BTS) FACE Knit Ivory Cardigan | UK Kpop Album Shop Photocards