j-hope (BTS) Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)

j-hope (BTS) Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)

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Album Contents:
- Outbox 
- Photobook: 100p
- CD-R: Random 1 out of 2 
- Lyric Book: 16p
- Paper Toy: Random 1 out of 2 
- Paper Toy User Guide: Random 1 out of 2(Identical version with Paper Toy) 
- Sticker Pack: 1 set (2 ea) 
- Poster: Random 1 out of 2 
- Photocard: Random 2 out of 4 
01. Intro
02. Pandora's Box
03. MORE
04. STOP (세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다)
05. = (Equal Sign)
06. Music Box : Reflection
07. What if…
08. Safety Zone
09. Future
10. 방화 (Arson)
11. Equal Sign (Lollapalooza ver.)
12. STOP (Lollapalooza ver.)
13. Future (Lollapalooza ver.)
14. MORE (Instrumental)
15. 방화 (Instrumental)
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