Agust D (BTS) D-DAY Set + (Weverse Albums ver.) Pre-order with Weverse Gift

Agust D (BTS) D-DAY Set + (Weverse Albums ver.) Pre-order with Weverse Gift

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Weverse Gift included: 1 unreleased photocard (random 1 out of 2 total) + 1 set of detachable card pockets (2 versions) + 1 photocard L-holder (random 1 out of 2 total)

Early-bird Gift: Pre-order before Sat 8th April BST and get 1 unreleased holographic selfie photocard in addition to Weverse Gift

Album Contents:
Set includes: Version. 1, Version 2 and Weverse Albums ver.

- Total of 2 versions [VERSION 01 / VERSION 02]
- Photobook (100p)
- Lyric Book
- CD-R
- Postcard
- Poster
- Photocard A
- Photocard B (random 1 out of 2 per version)
- Scanimation Card
- Sticker

Weverse Albums ver.
- Outer Box
- Photobook (24p)
- Lyric Poster
- Postcard
- QR Card
- Photocard (random 1 out of 2)

After the pre-order period the price is likely to increase.

Please note: This is a pre-order. Your album will be shipped to you once it has arrived in the UK (estimated at least 4 weeks after release). Korea release date: 21st April 2023. The outbox is for protecting the goods and we will not be able to exchange products for dents, bumps or scratches.