BTS RM Indigo LP Vinyl Pre-order

BTS RM Indigo LP Vinyl Pre-order

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UK Free Tracked Shipping 

Please note: 
This is a pre-order item. Your Vinyl will not be shipped to you until it has arrived in the UK (estimated at least 4 weeks after release). Korea release shipping date: 29th May 2023. 
We will start shipping in June 2023
- Vinyl 
- Out Sleeve Case 
- Premium Photo Board 3ea
- Booklet
- Folded Lyric Poster 
- Instant Photo  1ea
- Photocard 1ea
[A Side]
1. Yun (with Erykah Badu)
2. Still Life (with Anderson .Paak)
3. All Day (with Tablo)
4. 건망증 (with 김사월)
5. Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia)
[B Side]
6. Change pt.2
7. Lonely
8. Hectic (with Colde)
9. 들꽃놀이 (with 조유진)
10. No.2 (with 박지윤)

Note: After the pre-order period the price is likely to increase.
The outer case is for protecting the goods and we will not be able to exchange products for dents, bumps or scratches. 

Small wrinkles and damage on the cover and inner page cause by the characteristics of paper materials cannot be the reason for return or exchange. Even if the surface of the disc is uneven or bent, it can be returned or exchanged only if there is a problem during playback. In the case of colour vinyl, dye spots and colour differences that occur during the manufacturing process cannot be the reason for return or exchange. The actual colour of the vinyl may have be different from the web image and there may be differences in colour for each album during the production process. 

Return or exchange is not possible for poor playback that occurs in devices that do not have an integrated tone arm, and needle pressure control function. Please play it on a device that can adjust the tone arm. If the diameter of the disk center hole is too small or does not fit the spindle, it can be solved by changing the hole of the disk. If there is a foreign substance in the needle part of the cartridge, it may interfere with playback. Please remove static electricity and dust before playback. The special playback effect of the LP is is not a defect. Please check the RPM of the purchased product and play it with the correct RPM on the playback device.

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