[BTS] Jimin FACE Album Set + (Weverse Albums ver.) Pre-order

[BTS] Jimin FACE Album Set + (Weverse Albums ver.) Pre-order

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Weverse Special Gift included: 1 unreleased photocard (random 1 out of 2 total) + 1 set of plastic photocard frames (2 versions) + 1 photocard L-holder (limited quantities available)

Album Contents:

Set includes: Invisible ver. Undefinable ver. and Weverse Albums ver.

- 2 versions [Invisible Face / Undefinable Face]
- Photobook (1 type for each version) / W170 x H240 (mm)
- CD Envelope(1 type for each version) / W120 x H120 (mm)
- CD - R (1 type for each version)
- Photocard A (3 types for each version) / W54 x H86 (mm)
- Photocard B (1 Random out of 3 types per version) / W54 x H86 (mm)
- Postcard (1 type for each version) / W125 x H185 (mm)
- Large Postcard (1 type for each version) / W156 x H224 (mm)

Weverse Albums ver.

- Total of 1 version
- Outer Box (1 type) / W132 x H92 (mm)
- Wrapping Paper (1 type) / W124 x H172 (mm)
- Booklet (1 type) / 28pages / W84 x H124 (mm)
- Lyrics Paper (1 type) / W504 x H124 (mm)
- User Guide (1 type) / W84 x H124 (mm)
- QR Postcard (1 type) / W84 x H124 (mm)
- Writing Note (1 type) / W80 x H114 (mm)
- Photocard (1 Random out of 2 types) / W54 x H86 (mm)

“FACE” is all about Jimin facing himself head-on as he gets ready for his next step as a solo artist. We ask for your continued interest and support for Jimin’s first official solo activity.

After the pre-order period the price is likely to increase.

Please note: This is a pre-order. Your album will be shipped to you once it has arrived in the UK (estimated at least 4 weeks after release). Korea release date: 24th March 2023. The outbox is for protecting the goods and we will not be able to exchange products for dents, bumps or scratches.