V (BTS) Layover (Set) with Weverse Gift

V (BTS) Layover (Set) with Weverse Gift

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Weverse Gift: 3 transparent card holders + 1 unreleased photocard (random 1 out of 2 versions) + 1 holographic photo frame, image identical to the photocard (1 out of 2 versions)

Album Contents:
- Total of 3 versions
- Outbox: 1 type per version / W160 x H220 x T40 (mm)
- Photobook A: 1 type per version / W142 x H190 (mm) / 124p
- Photobook B: 1 type for both versions / W142 x H190 (mm) / 20p
- Lyric Book: 1 type for both versions / W480 x H170 (mm) / 12p
- Postcard: 2 types per version / W100 x H150 (mm)
- Photocard: 5 types per version / W55 x H85 (mm)
- CD-R: 1 type for both versions / W125 x H125 (mm)
- Poster: 1 type per version / W284 x H380 (mm)
- Checklist: 1 type for both versions / W70 x H125 (mm) / 100p
- Letter: 1 type for both versions / W130 x H185 (mm) / 2p
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1. Rainy Days
In this track, V’s voice melds beautifully with the sound of rain and everyday white noises, tugging at the listeners’ heartstrings.

2. Blue
An homage to old school R&B with a modern twist, adding a special flair to the song.

3. Love Me Again
A light and captivating R&B track with an alluring vibe that lingers long. V’s signature baritone shines through in this track.

4. Slow Dancing
The focus track of this album, a ‘70s romantic soul style track that exudes a laid-back and free-spirited feeling, just as the title suggests.

5. For Us
A pop R&B track that leaves a lasting impression of the entire album. It serves as an epilogue, stirring up deep emotions with V’s vocals and unique lyrics.

6. Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)
A piano arrangement of the focus track “Slow Dancing,” which offers a different allure from the original as a bonus track.